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When is the best time to sell your house? The real estate market tends to consider the spring season as the best time, but why would you want to sell at the same time as everyone else?

Selling your house in the fall is actually a better option. With fewer properties on the market during this time, it provides plenty of advantages for sellers.

Why sell your home in the fall? To find out, keep reading for seven awesome reasons why fall is the best time to list your property on the market.

1. Selling Your House in the Fall Means Less Competition

Generally, sellers put their home on the market in spring, as they wait until after the school year has finished. If you’re selling in spring or early summer, this means you face plenty of competition from other sellers.

However, fewer people sell in the fall, which means fewer homes on the market. This is fantastic for those who do list in the fall, as there is less competition.

Buyers who are looking at that time may need to buy quickly, which means you could nab a quick sale for a good price. Fewer homes on the market means buyers are competing with each other, leading to higher offers.

2. Your Home Looks Gorgeous in Autumn

Is there anything more beautiful than fall foliage, colorful autumn leaves, and a few pumpkins on the front porch? In fall, our homes look gorgeous, framed by the classic red and orange colors of the season.

For sellers, this means your home is going to look amazing in fall, which attracts buyers. Everyone wants to imagine their family trick or treating in the neighborhood or enjoying a cozy hot chocolate on a fall morning, so the autumn landscape makes it easy to imagine.

We know that curb appeal matters when selling a house, so if you want to add to your home’s exterior look to help with a fast sale, there are a few things you can try. First impressions matter in the real estate market, so put in the effort to ensure your home is looking its best.

Consider updating your mailbox, painting the front door, adding new plants to your flower beds, or replacing old light fixtures. These easy DIY projects may help your home get noticed faster.

3. Buyers Want to Relocate Before Christmas

Let’s face it—families want to spend Christmas at home with their loved ones, not dealing with the stress of moving house. This means anyone who is looking to buy is urgent, as they want to be settled and moved in by December.

Why sell your home in the fall? You’re more likely to get a fast sale, as buyers are working towards their unofficial deadlines of Christmas.

Plus, the winter months can be extremely cold and snowy, so no one wants to be trying to move house in snowy conditions—they’d rather get it done as soon as they can.

4. Faster Mortgage Processing Times

With fewer buyers purchasing homes in the fall, it means they have shorter wait times for mortgage approval, bank processing, and preparing for the sale. This is fantastic news for sellers, as it means the closing is less likely to be delayed on the buyer’s end.

The sooner the sale can be finalized, the sooner sellers can move on.

5. Strong Demand

The property market is stronger than ever, with a huge demand throughout the year. Selling in fall can work to your advantage, for a few reasons.

First, buyers looking to purchase in late summer and early fall may be in a hurry to move so that they can enroll their children in the local school district. Most parents don’t want their kids to transfer schools after the year has begun, so they may have a sense of urgency when buying.

Also, with homes on the market in fall, your home may be scooped up sooner.

However, if you’re in a hurry to sell and not having much luck, you may want to sell your home quickly, for cash—you may be surprised that it’s something many of your neighbors have already done!

6. Attract a Different Demographic

Selling in fall sometimes means you can attract a different demographic rather than just families. You may find interested buyers are millennials buying their first home or older couples looking to downsize, and they’ve waited until the summer property rush was over to start their search.

7. Weather Is Still Great for Open Home Days

In autumn, the weather can be amazing—still warm, but not too hot. The cold winter days haven’t set in yet, so it’s still pleasant to be outdoors.

This makes for a great time of year to host an open house, as you can open the windows, attendees can see your yard and deck, and the home can be fully appreciated.

In winter, it can be too cold to be outside, and the sweltering summers make for hot open houses, so fall is the ideal time to showcase your home in mild, pleasant weather.

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