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Advantages of Selling a HouseSelling a house has long been a challenging process. At one point in time, you were forced to either sell through word of mouth or by hiring a real estate agent. But with a real estate agent, you lose money on the sale. You would have to pay their fee and commissions on the sale. Sure, their help was useful, but the money you lost could have gone towards a bigger yard or a safer neighborhood for your family. Today, you have other options. You’re not locked into one set path. Today, you could sell your house directly to a real estate investor for cash. It’s easy!

Here are a few of the advantages of selling a house to a real estate investor.

Flexible Payments

There are numerous benefits associated with the real estate investment industry. One such benefit is the flexible payment options. You can work with your chosen real estate investor to accept certified funds, cash, assumption of an existing mortgage payment, and more.

Typically, investors want to buy a house fast. Most are able to pay cash in full at the closing and may even offer other services at no additional cost to close quickly.

“As-Is” Sales

Most investors on the market today will buy a home “as is,” which means in its current condition, in order to flip the house. If you are planning to sell but know you have major repairs and renovations to complete, spending that money can be difficult. Or, if you can’t afford the repairs, an investor may just be your best option moving forward.

Quick Closing

A real estate investor is focused on completing a sale and moving on to the next. As such, some investors can close in under seven days. The sale of the property does not rely on approved financing, appraisals, or home inspection. You can skip these steps altogether.

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