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The length of time it takes to sell a house can vary widely, but in 2019 the average number of days homes stayed on the market was between 65 and 93.

What if it takes even longer than that, though? What if you don’t have that long?

Don’t worry, there are a number of things you can do to speed up the process.

Let’s take a look at 5 expert tips to sell your home fast.

1. Get the Price Right

Nobody wants to leave money on the table when it’s time to sell their house. That being said, if you price it too high, it could sit there on the market for ages without getting any offers.

If you ask around about tricks for selling your home fast, likely most people will tell you to lower the price. It’s up to you to decide how quickly you want to sell your house versus how much you want to get for it.

In the right market, in the right area, pricing your home competitively could actually end up benefitting you. Sometimes this strategy will inspire a bidding war, meaning several people are placing bids well over the list price. This isn’t going to happen in all instances, but it is uncommon in certain markets.

2. Declutter, Clean, and Stage

How you present your home has a lot to do with whether or not you make a fast home sale. If you feel like you’ve had a lot of people come through but no offers, you’ll want to consider whether you could make changes on the interior that would change the buyer experience.

If you’ve ever shopped for a home on your own, you know that it’s a complex process of both emotional and practical factors. What if the house you’re viewing is packed full of someone else’s stuff? It makes it very difficult to see it as a place where you could make a home.

You’ll want to declutter like you’ve never decluttered before. Resist the temptation to just stuff things under the bed and in closets, too. A prospective homebuyer is going to be peeking around in every nook and cranny, and if your storage spaces are full they’ll be inclined to think the home doesn’t have enough storage.

You might want to rent a storage unit to temporarily store your extra stuff and large pieces of furniture. The goal is to make your home seem spacious, open, and bright. The more stuff you have crammed into each room, the more crowded and small it will seem.

After decluttering, give your home a thorough cleaning. You’d be surprised what types of details buyers will notice and be turned off by.

You can either hire a professional stager or stage your home yourself. The goal is to have the home not look vacant but also not be overly personalized or crowded. There is a perfect middle ground where it gives the buyer the best possible perspective of your property.

3. Make Curb Appeal a Priority

If you’re trying to sell your home fast, you’re going to want to allocate quite a bit of attention to the outside of your home. You only get one chance for a first impression, so you’re going to want to make it count.

Have a neatly trimmed lawn and well-manicured landscaping. If you don’t have any landscaping, you might consider putting some in.

Make sure your front porch is cobweb free and lively looking. You might even consider infusing a bit of color by putting out some well-placed flower pots or even repainting the front door.

While you probably want to avoid getting into the most expensive home repairs, you should also take a walk around and see if there are small projects you can take care of quickly that will make the place look nicer.

4. Take Professional Photos

What’s the first thing you would do when you’re thinking about buying a house? Start looking at listed house pictures online.

Humans are incredibly visual creatures, and you’ll want to use this to your advantage. Never list a home for sale without photos, and it’s nearly just as bad to list it with blurry photos you took with your phone.

Hiring a professional photographer doesn’t have to be terribly expensive. The expense will be worth it, someone who isn’t impressed with your photos won’t schedule a showing. The listing photos are the top of the sales funnel, and you want to catch as many people who could be interested as possible.

5. Sell It to an Investor

Another option is to sell your home fast for cash. When you sell your home to an investor, you don’t have to deal with the agonizing process of the buyer’s financing, etc. Selling a house can be a real pain, and it is a long-drawn-out process that can go wrong at any moment.

When you sell your house for cash, it’s over and done with quickly. If selling your house fast is the highest priority, this is definitely an avenue to look down.

Use These Tips to Sell Your Home Fast

Who wouldn’t want the home selling process to be over with faster? If you can speed up the process, why wouldn’t you?

Depending on how much time you have, you might decide to focus on only some of these tips to sell your home fast over others. Either way, it’s important to understand why a house might sell quickly or slowly, and what you can do to impact the amount of time your house sits on the market.

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