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The home sale process can really drag on. Buyers come in, they take a peek, a deal doesn’t work out, the cycle repeats. While many homes do leave the market quite quickly, there’s a lot of work that goes into making that dream into a reality.

Failure to properly set up your home can cause delays, which can be frustrating if you’re attempting to land a quick sale.

What if you need to be in a hurry? Maybe you need your house to sell to secure your new residence, or you need to get out of town fast to take advantage of another job. What can you do to increase your odds of a speedy closing?

There are certain steps, practices, and strategies you can employ that can turn this desire into a reality. Read on and we’ll walk you through what you need to know.

Become an Expert Stager

If there’s any skill you’ll need to pick up to ensure a swift and successful sale of your home, it will be staging. Proper home staging will help to present your home in the best light, securing both the trust and desire of potential buyers.

Most realtors out there agree that the number one factor that impacts how quickly a home sells is actually how well the home is staged.

This will put a lot of inevitable pressure on your inner neat freak. If you haven’t learned how to stage your home before, there are a few basics you need to get familiar with.

Home Staging Basics

First and foremost, get rid of clutter. Tidy up. You want your home to feel as pleasing as possible to the new potential residents coming in, and that means there shouldn’t be any mess out to see.

Clear your counters, mantles, and shelves of excess books, papers, and belongings. Declutter all surfaces: tabletops, desks, beds, and so on. Everything should be as spotless and open as possible. 

Rearrange furniture as needed to help create the most pleasant viewing experience possible. If you have big bulky pieces of furniture that are making this task difficult, take the day to send them to the storage unit. 

Last but not least, try to peel away any of the personal items from your home. Try not to have anything up that screams of your own life and personality as opposed to your potential buyer’s. 

You want them to fully be able to envision living in this home. That’s going to be a bit harder if they’re staring at your favorite team’s sports memorabilia or a wall of your family photos. There’s a lot of psychology that goes into home staging and it’s important to take these elements seriously. 

You want your home to feel lovely, clean, and somewhat anonymous. It will be up to the new buyer to come in and put their stamp on the place.

Set the Right Price

One of the major reasons that a home languishes on the market longer than it should? The homeowners simply did not price the property at the right amount. There’s a lot of work and research that goes into choosing the proper price for your home, after all.

If you want to make a sale, you’ll need to ensure you price your home right.

Pick a price too high and it’ll keep potential buyers away. Pick one too low and you might have homeowners skeptical about the true value of your place. 

Look at all the other similar homes that are on the market in your area. What are they selling for? Use this as a basis to decide the worth of your own home.

Other home buyers are going to be doing this same kind of comparative work. If they find that you’re not in line with neighborhood prices one way or the other, they are bound to look elsewhere.

If you’re having trouble coming up with the proper price tag yourself, you can always hire an agent to help handle the sale of your home. Agents are highly experienced at pricing homes, staging them, and ensuring they get on and off the market as efficiently as possible.

Consider Other Sale Options

Going through the lengthy process of a traditional sale is always going to take a lot of effort and a good amount of time. There’s nothing wrong with this, but you need to decide if the value of this work and money is worth the time and effort that you’re putting into it.

There are other sales options, after all.

If you’re in a hurry and need to make a quick and simple sale of your home, there are many cash buyers who might be interested in picking up your home as-is. Often, these sales can proceed within a very limited amount of time.

Cash buyers often don’t require repairs or lengthy inspections to be done, meaning you can get the sale money you need at about the most efficient rate possible.

You can also consider selling the home to people within your own network. Is there anyone you know personally, or possibly someone one or two degrees away from you, that might need a home? 

Selling to someone that you have some sort of connection to can often speed up the process. It makes it easier to get through the inspections and paperwork as there is some level of trust already established.

Aiming For a Quick Sale of Your Home

If you’re attempting a quick sale of your residential property, there are a number of strategies that you might consider employing. The above are just a few important elements that are worth considering.

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