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A completed survey found that over 75% of people say selling a home is a stressful experience. Among those people, more than 1/3 say that the stress of selling a home brought them to tears.

Selling a house is so stress-inducing because it is a long process that depends on the state of the market and a little bit of chance.

However, there are ways you can get your home to sell faster. One of those ways being real estate photography.

Read on to learn how professional photographs can give you the upper hand.

Buyers Care About Photos

Real estate photography is one of the main things buyers are concerned with. On a listing, buyers are going to look at pictures to get a feel of if they like a home or not.

A bad picture will turn a buyer off instantly and force them to move on with their search. When pictures can capture attention first, buyers are more likely to move onto the details of a home.

Professional photos work best for those listing their home online. Nowadays, many home buyers use the internet first to shop for a home. Without great photos, a homebuyer isn’t likely to click on a home listing.

Doing something as simple as updating a listing with professional pictures can double how much attention your online home listing receives.

Real Estate Photography Gives You a Competitive Edge

It isn’t hard for a homebuyer to figure out if you hired a professional photographer or took photos on your own. Real estate photography gives you a competitive edge in the following ways:

  • Art direction
  • Staged rooms
  • Perfect composition
  • Editing

What do these terms mean for your home? We will discuss the details now.

Art Direction

Art direction involves knowing the elements of a home that create a high-quality image. An average homeowner may not be aware of these things.

Every photograph of your home will look like a piece of art instead of a random picture.

Staged Rooms

Proper listing photos won’t show empty rooms in the home. To sell your home faster with real estate photography, a photographer will stage your home with the furniture you already own.

Without furnished photography, homebuyers won’t be able to picture a life of their own. This is just one way to turn off buyers from giving your home a chance.

Perfect Composition

The composition has a lot to do with the quality of photos. Without the perfect lighting and angles, the beauty of a home won’t show.


Even with a professional camera and photography, a photograph often won’t come out perfect. Because of this, you need editing skills for quality listing photos.

A professional photographer will have the proper editing skills to make your home sell faster. Editing will enhance the final product and get your listing more hits.


How Long Does a Home Stay on the Market?

Although professional real estate photos can help your home sell faster, other factors dictate the length of time a home is on the market.

To estimate how long your home will stay on the market, this is what you need to know:

Home Location

The area where your home is will determine how long it stays on the market. If you use a realtor, you can consult with them about the current market. They will know the average time a home stays on the market in your area by heart.

Asking Price

Before listing your home, look at the asking price for homes in your area. The homes currently in your market can give you a sense of the average pricing.

If you list your home too high above the average, it is likely to stay on the market for long. However, a home with a recent upgrade may be able to be listed for more money than the average.


If you ignore home repairs that desperately need to be done, your home will spend more time on the market. A home buyer is not going to take a high asking price if they are also going to need to pay for repairs.

You’ll have to sell your home for lower than the average if you plan to sell it fast without home improvements.

Current Market

Of course, one of the main factors that indicate how long your home will stay on the market is what the market is currently like. Fluctuations continuously happen that can make a home harder to sell.

It is also important to note that the speed of home sales will also depend on the season. The market tends to be the best during the spring and summer, but it may still abnormally fluctuate from time to time.

Other Ways to Sell a Home Fast

Yes, you can sell your home quickly through real estate photography, but that won’t be the only factor affecting how long your home stays on the market.

If you are in a major time crunch, you can sell your home as-is for cash. This includes selling your home without having to make costly repairs.

There are many advantages to selling a house for cash that people don’t know about. One major benefit being that the closing process is cut down by more than half.

Because you pay fewer fees when selling your home for cash, taking an offer is never a bad option. Plus, you get out of your home faster than you normally would.

Do You Need Real Estate Photography?

Using professional real estate photography can indeed help you sell your home faster, but it isn’t the only way. In fact, the fastest way to sell your home is through We Buy Houses.

Our company offers you a fair cash offer to take your home off your hands as-is. Your home doesn’t have to spend time on the market and the closing process is quicker.

If you are ready to sell your home as fast as possible, contact us today for a cash offer quote.


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