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Selling a HouseYou’ve likely heard tales of homeowners who spend thousands upon thousands of dollars on home renovations before putting their house on the market. Chances are, these homeowners barely saw a return. The truth is, some renovations just don’t prove worthwhile when you’re selling. They’re a waste of cash and time.

If you want to save money while bringing in cash for your home, here are the renovations we recommend avoiding.

Master Suites

A brand-new master suite sounds nice, especially for the square footage it would add to your home. You might think you could charge more for the house. However, most don’t think about the neighborhood. You might be pricing yourself out of the neighborhood altogether. Some buyers may feel as if they are overpaying for the location. They’ll pass quickly.

Bathroom Remodels

The average bathroom remodeling job costs around $16,000 and will only see a return, on average, of about $12,000. Upgrading your home will surely make your home more attractive, but at what cost?

You’re better off investing your money elsewhere.

Backyard Patio

Building a backyard patio is a massive undertaking. On average, it costs about $52,000 to complete the job. For some, that’s half the cost of their entire home. On average, you’ll see a loss of about $23,000. That’s not a small chunk of change.

With a backyard patio, you’re not adding curb appeal. Second, the backyard is a personal space. Chances are, homeowners want to customize the backyard themselves and would prefer a blank canvas to work with. Leave the backyard alone.

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