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Selling your house on your time table.

Selling your house can be a process. There usually are a lot of moving parts involved as well as a lot of people. If you sell traditionally you will generally find yourself adapting to the schedules of other people. You have to make appointments with your agent, and photographers. You have to schedule time to have the house open for buyers to see, you have to meet with closing attorneys and you may even have to work out schedules for contractors or repairmen if you have to do any work on the house before you can sell it.

Selling the house is stressful enough but working on other people’s schedules can be a real headache. What if you just need to sell the house now and want it gone? What if you have to move to a new job in six months and just won’t have time to deal with it then?

This is where selling to investors may be your best option.

Normally you would sell your house to someone that would be moving in as soon as the deal closes. Like you they often are on other people’s time tables and need to move as soon as, or before their own house sells or their lease is up.

Investors are a different story. They are not buying the house to live in. They are buying the house to rent out or to sell to someone down the line. Any good investor knows it in their best interest to be able to adjust to your time table if it gets them a better deal on the house.

Sell Your House Fast.

Investors are in the house buying business. They are going to have processes and people in place to move on a property fast. If you are ready to sell they are ready to buy. You don’t have to market the house or fix it up and you won’t have a steady stream of people coming to look at it.

What’s more, a good investor has a contact list of assessors and closing attorneys on hand so that the entire deal can be done fast, and for cash. Often you will have a check in your hand in less than two weeks.

A good investor can get you out of your house and moving on in no time.

Sell Your House Slow

Then again maybe you aren’t ready to move out just yet. Maybe you have a job that doesn’t start for six months and nowhere to go until then. Or you are building a new home and can’t move in until it is finished. When you do get to the new city or move into your brand new home, you may not want to split your attention between that and selling your old house.

Yep, investors can help there, too.

An investor does not have anyone looking to move into your house right away. They are often more than happy to buy the house in advance and set up the contract so that you can stay in it for a while while you get things sorted. When the time comes, you can just move your stuff out and hand them the keys. As long as the house has not been damaged in the meantime, that’s it. You are free to get on with your new life.

If you have a tight schedule or in a hurry to sell your house, look at selling it to a real estate investor. They can speed the process along and pay you cash fast, or they can help you to get the work of selling out of the way in advance, so you can move later.

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