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Selling a House in Need of Major RepairsWhen the time comes to sell your home, you’re probably more than a little excited. But don’t get ahead of yourself. It’s easy to forget about renovations and repairs when you’re trying to make a quick sale. If your house requires major repairs, it could slow you down. It’s not the end of the road, though.

Options for Selling a Home in Need of Repairs

You have a couple of options when it comes to selling a home in need of repairs. If you want to sell your house via the traditional market, your options include:

  • Disclose Everything – One of the best options when selling a property “as-is” is to perform a pre-inspection with a hired inspector and disclose everything on the report to the potential buyer. You’ll probably have to lower the price, but if you work with an agent, you can likely sell to an investor.
  • Complete Repairs – Your other option is to complete the repairs or renovations. Even if you only tackle the priority repairs, leaving behind cosmetic repairs, a buyer will still be interested.

Selling to an Investor

Your other option, when selling “as-is,” is to sell to an investor. Most real estate investment companies have very strict rules. One such rule is that you are not required to complete any repairs or renovations to the home. They have contractors to handle the work. An investor wants nothing more than to help you sell your house fast.

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