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Selling your house in the traditional way can take a long time. It’s why one recent survey found that a large percentage of people report feeling stressed out while selling a home.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could eliminate a lot of this stress by going through a quick home sale? Well, you actually can do this when you sell your home to a cash buyer.

There are cash home buyers in Memphis that can help you pull off a cash sale in no time at all. You should think about taking advantage of the opportunity that they can provide for you.

But before you do, you should find out what you can expect when you sell a house to a cash buyer. Discover how the process will play out below.

Begin by Determining That You Want to Sell Your House for Cash

Prior to starting your search for a cash buyer to purchase your home, you should make sure that you’re 100% committed to selling your house for cash. The process of selling a home for cash goes by quickly, so you won’t want to get it underway until you’re sure it’s the right option for you.

If you aren’t in a huge hurry to sell your house, you might want to try to take the traditional approach first. It can, however, take more than two months on average to sell a home in this way. So if you know that you’ll need to sell a house faster than that, finding a cash buyer will be a much better idea.

See Which Cash Home Buyers Operate in Your Area

Once you’re committed to the idea of selling your house for cash, the next thing you’ll want to do is look around for cash home buyers. You shouldn’t have any trouble finding cash home buyers in Memphis that can provide you with cash offers for your home.

Google “cash home buyers near me” and you should see a long list of options pop up. Make a list of all their names so that you can research them further and figure out which one you should bring on board for your quick home sale.

Pick the Cash Home Buyer That You Like the Best

After you have a list of local cash home buyers, you will want to go through each of them and see what they can bring to the table. You should be able to do this by visiting the websites for cash home buyers.

While you’re on a cash home buyer’s website, you’ll be able to find out:

  • How long a cash home buyer has been in business
  • Which areas they specialize in serving
  • What types of properties they buy
  • What the home selling process will be like through them

When you’re finished poking around on the websites for cash home buyers, there should be one cash buyer that stands tall among all the rest. That will be the cash buyer that you’ll want to work with in most cases.

Fill Out a Form on a Cash Home Buyer’s Website

When you get to this point in the home-selling process, you’ll be all ready to get an offer from a cash buyer. To do this, you’ll need to fill out the form that a cash home buyer will have right on their website.

This form is going to ask you to provide a cash home buyer with some basic information about yourself and your house. It’ll equip them with almost all of the information that they’ll need to send an offer in your direction.

Allow a Cash Home Buyer to Sneak a Peek at Your Home

The best cash home buyers won’t have any issues when it comes to buying your house from you as-is. But with that being said, they might still want to know what they’re getting themselves into before making a formal offer for your home.

A cash buyer might request to come out to your home to see it in person. If they do this, you will need to find a time that works for you to show them your house.

Showing a house in this setting isn’t going to require you to clean your home up or make any home improvements to it. As we just mentioned, a good cash buyer will be more than happy to purchase your home as-is from you.

But some cash buyers want to be able to see what kind of condition a home is in before making an offer for it. It’ll make it possible for them to bring their best offer to the table for you.

Wait for a Cash Home Buyer to Make an Offer for Your Home

After you show a cash home buyer your house, they will typically turn around within just 24 hours and send an offer in your direction. This offer will be based on everything from the location of your home to its condition.

You won’t be under any obligation to accept this offer if you don’t like it. Just because a cash home buyer spent an hour or two coming out to your home to look at it doesn’t mean you need to feel pressured to accept an offer from them.

But a good cash buyer is going to make the strongest offer possible to you to try and entice you to sell to them. So you should be able to rest assured knowing you’re getting a solid offer from a cash home buyer.

Decide Whether or Not to Accept an Offer From a Cash Buyer

Once you have an offer from a cash buyer in your hands, you’ll need to give some thought as to whether or not you think it’s worth accepting it. There will be a few things you’ll want to consider in relation to the offer.

First and foremost, you should try to get some estimates on how much your home might be worth at the moment and see how an offer stacks up to its value. You should also keep in mind that the condition of your home might alter its value and make an offer from a cash buyer better than it might look at first.

As we alluded to a moment ago, you don’t have to accept an offer from a cash home buyer if you don’t want to do it. You’re welcome to say, “Thanks but no thanks,” if you don’t feel as though an offer is good enough.

But at the same time, you should know that cash home buyers do their best to give people fair offers for their houses. So you should put plenty of thought into whether you’re going to accept an offer before deciding what to do next.

Figure Out When You Want to Close On Your Quick Home Sale

If you feel comfortable with the offer that a cash buyer gave to you, you can go ahead and tell them that you would like to accept it. You can also let them know when you would ideally like to close on your house.

One of the very best parts about selling a house to a cash home buyer is that they’ll often be willing to work with your schedule when it comes to picking a closing date. This isn’t always the case when you sell a house in the traditional way.

You can choose to close on your home in just a few days or request a couple of weeks or maybe even months before your closing date. It’ll put you in a position of power and let you dictate how closing on your house is going to go.

Pack Up Your Home and Start Moving Out

When you’re all done choosing a closing date, you will be able to prepare to move out of your house. You shouldn’t have to be too concerned about your closing date changing since a cash home buyer will pretty much be able to set it in stone.

With this in mind, you can go start to pack up your house so that you can move out of it. This will involve putting all your personal possessions into moving boxes and getting them out of your house. It’ll also involve filling a moving van with any furniture that you have and taking it to your new home or wherever you might be going next.

You should try to leave your house in good shape if you can. But since a cash buyer will be purchasing it as-is from you, you aren’t going to need to get it 100% clean from top to bottom.

Just make sure you do yourself a favor and start moving out of your house as quickly as you can as opposed to waiting until the last minute. A lot of people list moving as one of the most stressful things they ever have to do, and it’s often because they don’t prepare to move in advance.

Selling your house for cash will give you the freedom to set up your own moving schedule. But it’s going to be up to you to stick to it so that you don’t end up having to try to pull off a move at the 11th hour while also simultaneously closing on your home.

Close On Your Home and Collect Cash for It

After everything else that we’ve listed here is over and done with, there will only be one final hurdle standing in your way when it comes to selling your house. You’ll need to meet up with a cash buyer to close on your home once and for all.

During the closing process, you will need to fill out your fair share of forms. But when you close on a home with a cash buyer, it won’t be anywhere near as stressful as it would normally be.

Under other circumstances, you might need to worry at least a little about the possibility of a buyer backing out of a deal. You might also have to worry about a buyer’s financing falling through and them not being able to close on your house.

But when you have a great cash buyer in your corner, they’re going to make it possible for you to close fast. They’re also going to work on getting you the cash from your quick house sale right over to you.

You should be able to put this cash into your pockets within just a day or two at most. You can have it wired right to your bank account so that you’re able to use the proceeds from your home sale to pay for a new home or whatever else you would like to spend it on.

This will conclude the house-selling process with a cash buyer. You’ll be surprised to see just how quickly everything will take place.

Consider Using Us as Your Cash Buyer When Selling Your House

If you haven’t ever sold a house to a cash buyer, you might be a little apprehensive about doing it. But you won’t be once you see how simple a cash buyer will make it for you to sell your house.

You will have lots of cash home buyers in Memphis to choose from. But we promise that our company will treat you better than all the rest. We’ll also make you a better offer for your home than they will and leave you with the cash you need.

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